Monday, January 4, 2010

Guerlain Météorites Perles Impériales

If you've read my earlier post Happy New Year, you'd probably get a hint of where I got this. I think it is most likely sold out everywhere else by now since it's Guerlain's 2009 Holiday Limited Edition item.

Ever since my husband got me the Meteroites 01 Mythic for Christmas, I started liking these little balls. Honestly I didn't like the regular packaging too much. It's kind of cheap looking for something at that price range. But this one is an exception.

The outside box is very similar to the regular Meterorites. However this time Guerlain used a jet black colored, faux crystal and shiny black glitter decorated box. Even though the "crystals" are actually stickers, it does add somewhat imperial look to it. But the glitters are tend to fall off. So the packaging is still not perfect. At least a lot better than the regular ones.

For the pearls, they used 3 different sizes - mini, medium and maxi this time. Color wise, there're 4 different shades. Mauve and white illuminators, with pink for freshness and gold for light.

Compared to the 01 Mythic, this one gives me a more subtle rosy pink glow which I absolutely love. It's best used as a highlighter/luminizer since the pink is so light, it's not going to show up as a blush for me. The powder goes on really smooth and silky. There's no big chunks of glitters or whatsoever. The shine is unnoticeable but only a touch of healthy glow. And of course the same violet scent is pleasant and goes away fairly fast.


Crystal said...

Cool. I wish I can get it somewhere. It looks great, however they're always kind of pricy.haha^0^

LS said...

Cystal: They are actually not that pricy when you think of how much you get. It's going to last forever and ever =)

Crystal said...

That's true too. They're kind of big. Good point!

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