Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! The new decade is going to be awesome.

These photos were actually taken on new year's eve but I got too busy over the night and didn't have time to post them.

We went to San Francisco that afternoon to take some last minute pictures of the year. We always took pictures of the city at this time of the year. It has become a family's tradition.

There're not a lot of people at the Union Square just yet after sunset. It's still too early to celebrate.

The beautiful twilight scene at Macy's.

I like how the girl writes Santa a letter. I hope she gets what she wanted.

Bulldogs are the best!

This year Macy's teamed up with SPCA, letting people adopt dogs and cats so they can have a home. I wish I could take the cute black kitty home. But my husband did donate some money.

One of my favorite store Nieman Marcus closed early today but their window looked stunning.

Like always they set a huge tree inside the store. Too bad we didn't get to take pictures with it.

My other favorite store Saks Fifth Avenue. I got myself something there for the new year. I'll show you next time.

We also got a Breville in door grill from Williams-Sonoma. They have their annual winter sale going on right now. Do check it out. Since the grill is the older model and they're clearing it out, we got a really good deal for $120 with tax.

This year has been a good year and next year's going to be even better. Bye bye 2009! Welcome 2010!


Crystal said...

Beautiful city! I should probably start taking photos of my city too. It's a good way to remember things.

LS said...

Crystal: Please do it! Yes it is.

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