Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Coffretgorge's Birthday Giveaway

My dear blogger friend Georgina (Coffretgorge) is hosting a birthday giveaway...

The prizes are so cute! Do check out her blog!


Ends on July 31, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Review: Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Sorbet Eye Creme

It's been a while since my last review post. And I know a lot of you guys are expecting the Dior Pro-Youth Sorbet Eye Creme review. So finally here it is.

After the unsatisfied experience with Dior Protective Fluid, I didn't give up on the line. I went back and got the Sorbet Eye Creme and Sorbet Creme.

The outside packaging looks like this. All the Dior Hydra life line has very similar design, clean and simple.

For safety purpose the box is plastic wrapped and sealed.

A little background information about Dior Gardens and the product.

At the heart of protected sites that respect mankind and nature, the Dior Innovation Center selects plant resources with amazing benefits. Dior Extracts their purest part, enriches it and uses it to heighten the effectiveness of Hydra Life Skincare.

Beyond hydration: youthfulness for the skin

At the heart of the Dior Gardens blossoms the secret of new, intense hydration that helps to actively preserve youthfulness by diffusing moisture.

Dior Innovation: Hydra Life combines 3 pure plant extracts derived from these gardens - Jisten, Centella and Black Rose - to offer the skin all the benefits of the Cellular Bio-Exaltation.

Results: TO THE SIGHT, the eye contour looks spectacularly smoothed and luminous. TO THE TOUCH, the skin texture is reinforced to delay the appearance of puffiness. AS FOR THE EXPERIENCE, the skin feels immediately fresh.

Fresh texture - anti-puffiness and dark circle action

Upon opening the outside packaging, a sturdy glass jar is revealed. It's very beautiful and heavy. There's another foil seal under the lid. I really appreciate Dior's double safety design. It's always good to know that I bought something which is unused and untouched.

There's a white cap with a handle under the foil seal. The eye cream also comes with a scooper. Again very thoughtful designs.

Finally the eye cream itself looks like this. The texture is very light and fluffy. It feels more like a gel than a cream. Unlike the old HydrAction eye cream, the new version is a lot thinner and less opaque.

What I like about it after using for almost 2 months:

The packaging! A glass jar in light blue-ish green color really hits me on the spot. I guess that could be the reason I went back to give this a try after not liking the Protective Fluid. 

The scent! Its light floral scent is very pleasant and refreshing. It's not over powering at all. Too much fragrance around eye area could easily irritate the eyes. It doesn't have the bitter taste like the Protective Fluid either. It's very gentle and even has a slight cooling effect.

The pricing! This eye cream only sells for $49 plus tax. Hello it's eye cream and it's Dior. Any good eye cream can go above a hundred bucks. But this one is so affordable. It's even cheaper than most of the other products in the same line.

The texture! It's very light and fast absorbing. It's also hydrating and long lasting. I can feel my eye area being hydrated for hours. Even during summer season, it doesn't get greasy.

What it's lacking:

I wouldn't call it something I don't like. But I guess the Hydra Life line is mainly designed for younger people who doesn't need anti-aging just yet. I feel like the cream addresses hydrating part pretty well but other than that, it doesn't help with firming and dark circle like the richer eye creams, for example Cle De Peau Eye Contour Balm.


After all I still like this eye cream. It's good for me for now. I recommend it to someone who just needs a hydrating eye cream. If you want something more for your dark circle or even wrinkles, better look somewhere else.

p.s. All the photos except the last one were taken in early May. Last photo was taken on June 29.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Color of the Week - Independence Day Nail

How exciting! Next Sunday it's The Fourth of July (Independence Day) so today's CotW I'm doing an Independence Day themed nail.

The tools I used, soft type acrylic paint and several nail art brushes.

A white nail polish, here I'm using Sally Hansen Sheer Romance 1 Naturel White. It can be any brand but preferably a matte finish white.

First of all, I applied a thin layer of OPI Ridge Filler. This is my new favorite. Before I always use a base coat alone since my nail surface is pretty smooth so I didn't think I need a ridge filler. Not until I bought this recently, I totally fall in love with it. It dries up so quickly, and always leaves a perfect almost opaque layer that is streak free. Highly highly recommend it!

On top of ridge filler I applied the white nail polish. 

Now paint the top half with deep blue acrylic color. Try to smooth out the surface a bit, it doesn't have to be perfect though.

Paint red stripes on the bottom half. Again it doesn't have to be perfect.

Apply clear top coat for a gel-like finish. It will smooth out the paint streaks automatically.

Glue on some crystal gems to hide the imperfect edge.

For the final step, paint some white dots on top of the blue paint. And that's it!

A picture from the other side.

Next weekend I'll be wearing these to watch some fireworks. What's your plan?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

June Beauty Magazines

Happy Saturday! Sorry about not updating much lately. It's my vacation time this week so I try to spend as much time as possible with my family ^_^

Today I would like to share my June beauty reads with you. I actually had these magazines for a long time. Pretty soon I'll be posting the July issues along with some Chinese beauty books.

On Voce there're some celebrity photos from Hollywood. I think Madonna and her daughter look so good together.

Miley and Lady Gaga. The telephone hat is very funny yet stylish.

These drinks look very summery and refreshing.

"Eat me!" sure I'll take 10 of them please.

Biteki shows this season's makeup collection.

I have yet to land my hands on some Meggie Deco eye palattes.

The RMK nail polishes look very yummy. It'll be hard to collect everyone of them though.

Everything Lunasol is always nice to have. How come I didn't see the EX19 nail polish?!

I wish we had Givenchy's nail polishes here in the US but I can possibly find similar colors from Chanel.

Maquia has some nice massage techniques.

The ultimate mascara book.

I'm interested in the new JS Extra Volume mascara.

The magazine also teaches how to do mascara in 3 minutes.

Bea's up also shows its version of summer makeup collection. I'm going to hunt down this yellow nail polish from RMK.

Blue always looks nice for the hot season. I still need to try my YSL blue cream shadow.

Same with the golds. The little sun on Sonia Rykiel gloss is so pretty.

Have you seen the Eternity Jewel gel kit ads on the magazines before? Yes I want it and yes my hubby said next month he'll get me a gel curing UV lamp.

OK that's it for now. I hope everyone have a good weekend and stay cool.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Color of the Week - Chanel Black Velvet and Illusion D'or

Lovely Coffretgorge wanted to know how my Chanel Black Velvet goes. So this post is for you babe!

Polishes used: 450 Illusion D'or, 430 Black Velvet, 463 Rose Satin and Gold Fiction.

First of all, evenly coat the nail with Rose Satin. It acts as a nice canvas.

Then I paint one coat of Gold Fiction.

Now paint the tip with Black Velvet. The texture of this polish is very interesting. It looks like a black ridge filler to me. The coverage is surprisingly good compare to Chanel's Black Satin. One coat is enough but two coats will leave the nail completely opaque. I quite like it!

With its "velvety" texture, it was a cake to paint a straight line here.

Now it comes to the fun part. Honestly I was disappointed when I first received my Illusion D'or in the mail. I mean it's pretty but not as special as I thought it to be. But you know what, once it's on top of Black Velvet, it totally changed the look of it. It adds so much depth to the black with those tiny gold and blue bits.

Here's a more detailed photo from which you can see the difference between with and without. I'd say I really like the "with" result.

I also did a similar CotW several weeks ago using the same black and gold concept, check it out here!

p.s. I will be slow on posting this week because I'm on vacation ^^ I love summer time!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Blog Awards!

Wow it's already been 6 months since I first started blogging. If I didn't remember wrong I received 4 blog awards from 3 wonderful fellow bloggers.

Lovely Ningstar and Coffretgorge both nominated me for the following awards.

Another award was nominated by lovely Tiptoe21 recently.

I really want to say THANK YOU to all of my blogger readers and the lovely ladies who nominated me. Now I'm going to pass along these awards.

I nominate (drum roll please):

Amy Naree
Hello Denysia
LoveSweet Crystal (Crystal/Cherry)
miss wiggle
Of Faces and Fingers (Muisicalhouse)
Ohh...pretty! ♥ (Jess)
Pinkfish Pie (Jian)
Pop Champagne

(Do check out their blogs! I have the links on the left side of "Blogs I Read" section.)

The rules are:
- Give this award to 10 sweet and friendly bloggers
- Make a post about the award including the picture above
- In your post, mention the person who gave it to you
- Put the award on your blog

Happy Friday!

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