Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bliss Tried+Blue Body Wash and Body Lotion

Today I'm showing you the Bliss Tried + Blue bubbling body wash and body lotion I got from Costco.

Bliss is a spa that first opened in Manhatten, NY over 10 years ago. New Yorkers loved the spa so much that they were willing to wait for the spa services for 6 months. Finally the owner realized that waitlists are no fun, and set out on a mission to deliver a piece of Bliss to stressed-out people everywhere. So she made the spa-at-home products for the ones who can't get to a Bliss Spa. Their most famous product would probably be the Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask. But that's a different story. Today I'm going to focus on the body wash and lotion instead.

First of all, I got them as a set from Costco in store for only $9.99. The body wash is 16fl oz and the body lotion is 200ml. I think it's a steal. A Bliss body wash alone could run you $18. Secondly, they smell so great. If you want to soothing and relax your body and soul while you shower, this will work for you. It smells so fresh just like sea water. At the same time, since it contains moisture-binding marine actives and moisture milk with marine botanicals, the skin doesn't feel tight and dry after the shower. I like the fresh scent but the body lotion smells kind of strong. So if you don't like strong scents, you probably want to pass on it or only use the shower gel.

The name of the shower gel is "bubbling body wash", but it doesn't bubble up while you shower. It's not a bubble wash. I think it means to the bubble texture in the shower gel itself, just like the picture below.

So overall, it's a good deal for daily use. I may even get another set next time when I go to Costco.


Crystal said...

Nice! Have you tried any body wash from Fresh or Korres? I heard they're pretty good too. If you have, which one is better? Thanks for sharing!

LS said...

Crystal: I have never tried either Fresh or Korres body wash. So I can't tell you. I did try the Korres body butter Guava in Sephora. I didn't like it much.

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