Monday, January 25, 2010

Coffret D'or 2010 Spring/Summer Base Makeup

Kanebo's Coffret D'or is going to release its 2010 Spring/Summer Base Makeup Collection on March 1. Kou Shibasaki's face looks flawless with this new base line. I like how soft and natural it looks on her.

The collection includes Lasting Power Pact UV Compact Case (left)
Lasting Power Liquid UV foundation SPF29 PA++ (right) 7 shades

Lasting Power Stay Fix UV SPF25 PA++ (top)
Oil Control Pact Powder (bottom left)
UV Clear Compact Powder (bottom right)

I'm happy to see that Coffret D'or is making some changes to the packaging, such as the UV base bottle is now pink, also new design for the compact case. I like it better than the previous version. The Japanese website has already updated for this collection. Do check it out!

PS it's going to be another week of rain. I mean I like rain but this time it's getting too much. Look at the gloomy sky @_@


Denysia said...

I can't wait for the new coffret d'or base makeup to come out. i already have one of their palettes. BTW, I saw this past weekend, you got in a new coffret d'or palette. :D

LS said...

haha good eyes Denysia! I got the #4 from the new eyeshadow collection =) I haven't used it yet

Blair said...

Idk why, but I prefer Esprique Precious to Coffret D'or!

Nope, I decided against getting Canmake's Cream Cheek. They are lovely but I haven't been able to apply cream blushes very well... plus I bought the most popular colour from their Powder Cheek range :)

ning * star said...

excited!the packaging is getting nicer !

Crystal said...

Wow, I love the packaging of the foundation. So tempting, haha!

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