Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Housekeeping and Hand Lotion

Yesterday we went to Broadway Plaza at Walnut Creek. It's the first time we been there. Too bad I didn't take any pictures because I forgot to free up my camera space. So we'll have to go back there next weekend or something. There're a lot of stores to look at, that include some of my favorite stores like Williams-Sonoma, Sephora, Juicy Couture, and Gymboree.

At the Williams-Sonoma store, they're having their new Sicilian Orange and Lemongrass Collection demonstration going on recently. The lady at the front asked if I wanted to try their new hand lotion. I said sure but after trying I ended up really liking it. Not like L'occitane's rich and thick hand creams, this one is really light and non sticky but the moisturizing effect is just amazing. A pearl size left my hands soft, smooth and smelling great. I tried the Sicilian Orange one. The scent is really soft and pleasant. I can't really tell it unless I put my hands under my nose. So I almost grabbed one until I found their sale items on the back.

They have the Winter Forest and Peppermint hand lotions on clearance. It's the seasonal items that they wanted to get rid of. I didn't like the Peppermint too much. But the Winter Forest smells really great.

The lotion comes with a metal cap but they do give you a free pump when you purchase at the counter.

Now it looks like an usual seen lotion. I'm not sure why they do that but I'm totally fine with it.

Here's a short description on the back. Besides the shea butter, olive oil and glyeerin, it also contains aloe barbadensis leaf juice, soybean, sunflower, pine needle and cedar leaf oil. It has that deep woody pine scent that just like a Christmas tree. So it's great for winter time.

We also got the dish soap in olive oil and white tea. I wished they have the white tea lotion there. Last night I tried the olive oil one. I have to say it's a really great dish soap. It has all the natural ingredients plus the essential oils. The dishes were very clean and my hands were soft and moisturized.

I used to think Williams-Sonoma only sells high end kitchen stuff. Now I know they carry pretty good lotion and soap as well. It's a company that cares a lot about quality and only brings the best to its customer. I hope all the companies are like this. And of course I hope one day the Sicilian Orange will go on sale. I'll be the first one to stock them up.


Crystal said...

Have you tried the hand lotion yet? Is it good? My hands are always really dry, but I don't like hand lotion to feel really sticky and oily. Let me know how it feels!^0^

LS said...

Crystal: Yes I've tried the hand lotion. It's really hydrating and not sticky at all. They have all the lotion testers in store. I basically sniffed their candles rather than putting on all the lotions on my hands =)

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