Friday, January 15, 2010

Updates on Indoor Garden - Jan 15, 09

It's been almost 7 weeks for my first AeroGarden herbs, 6 weeks for my Prepara and 3 weeks for my AeroGarden salads. I think it's time to do an update now.

It has become a new habit for me to check on my garden first thing I wake up in the morning. The fresh herb aroma smells equally as great as coffee. It's amazing to see how fast they change over the night.

By the way, these pictures were taken last week (around Jan 9). I had to raise the lamp above my herb garden twice because the basils grow so fast. Even though the tending guide suggested to put basils in the middle, I switched them both to the sides and moved my cilantro and chive to the middle. I'm afraid that they will block the lights for other herbs. By doing that, I almost tore some of the roots off, but the majority seemed to be fine.

The Italian Basil almost touched the top of the hood.

This is my Prepara garden, which has Roma Tomato, Super Sweet Tomato, Oregano, Sage, Thyme, and Rosemary. The 2nd batch rosemary still hasn't sprouted yet. It's been 2 weeks and I wonder if there's something wrong with the seeds.

The plants are not growing as fast as they were. Some of them even stopped growing.

The salad greens are growing fast and strong. It doesn't seem to be anything problems with those at all. Maybe next time they will make some good dinner salad.

Here are some of the dishes that I (and my husband) made with the herbs, mainly basil and dill. Hopefully next time the other herbs will be ready for harvesting.

Homemade pesto sauce with fresh basil

Bruschetta with basil again

Pan seared cod with dill

Mama's cafe style soup with dill

Util one day disaster happened...


Mihoko said...

The AeroGarden plants look healthier. Is it because of the lighting??

Crystal said...

Wow, it's so healthy. You can just eat what you grow. nice

LS said...

Mihoko: I think it could be a reason why AeroGarden is growing stronger and healthier.

Crystal: haha indeed. You can need to rinse the herb before eating. No dirt or pesticide.

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