Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pig? Rabbit? Pig Rabbit!

Last night my husband showed me this cute pig rabbit plush photo on Yesasia. At first I didn't realize it's a pig + rabbit. I just thought it was a rabbit and it's cute. Then I saw his piggie nose. I'm like wait a minute, why does a rabbit have a pig nose?!

This is a new plush toy from a recent hit Korean drama "You're beautiful!". They have 3 versions on Yesasia. One is the original 55cm, one is the 35cm with voice recording and also a 15cm mini. Don't you think it's so cute with a bow tie on his neck?

I was really into Korean drama back in the days but now I rarely have any time to watch it. It's really sad. But I'll try to watch this one and see what the story is like behind this pig rabbit doll. One thing I find myself funny for labeling this post "Fashion" because I do hope it become another fashion item just like Mashi Maro and Pucca.


Calia Yang said...

super cute!!! i love it!

LS said...

Calia: Indeed =)

Crystal said...

So cute and special! Haha, I think I have past the age of loving dolls. I still love them but I'm just no as obsessed with it. But I do love collecting dolls when I was in elementry school and middle school!

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