Friday, January 1, 2010

Quick Updates on Indoor Garden - Dec 31, 09

I'm sure you're all curious about my indoor garden. Last weekend I bought a table at Target because I can't wait any longer to try the Salad Greens. It fits 2 AeroGardens and my Prepara Power Plant Pro perfectly. Also my Prepara can benefit the lights more from both sides.

I almost got all I wanted, my herbs, my tomatoes and my salads, only if there were some strawberries.

One salad greens already germinated on the 2nd day.

According to my herbs tending guide, the basils need to be pruned around week 3 to 5. So I followed the instruction and harvested my first basil sprigs. See how fresh they look! I wish you could smell the aroma.

This is how my herb garden looked at its 3.5 week. Everything's looking good except the chives and cilantros.

My tomatoes and some other herbs are looking good too. But the rosemary never sprouted.

Today I took some more pictures of my gardens. It seemed that all the salad greens sprouted.

I replanted some rosemary seeds today. Hopefully it'll grow this time.

I lowered the lights above the herbs after pruning the basils so the shorter herbs can get more lighting.

Let's see what's going to happen later on.

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