Thursday, December 31, 2009

Coffret D'or II - 3D Lighting Eyes

The weather finally decided to turn better today. So I took some pictures of my Coffret D'or 3D Lighting Eyes shadow palettes.

These were the first Coffret D'or eye shadow palettes when the brand debuted in December 2007. The palettes didn't catch my attention at first as they looked kind of boring. But I'm a sucker at cute packaging. So I just have to try it. Like many Japanese brands, Coffret D'or offers cute yet elegant packaging. I really like the pink rhinestones in the middle. The case is shiny but not so scratch resistant. Now when I look back, it's actually a very interesting line. The shades are very soft, subtle and understated.

Compare to Coffret D'or's 2nd eye shadow palette release - Trance Deep Eyes, 3D Lighting Eyes focus more on creating a natural contoured look with a translucent, clear coloring and a refined sparkle which bring out eyes with elegance. Since most colors consist pearl shimmer, there're some fallouts but it doesn't hurt the lasting power.

There're 5 color variations in this collection. Each palette has 4 sections. But they made 2 different finishes for the top highlight section. The left side is more sparkling while the right side being more matte and smooth. You can blend them together to bring out the depth of the entire eye area for enhanced impression. Or you can use individually for your own needs. You can even apply them on the T-Zone and under the eye area for highlighting.

01 Pink Tones. This one is the most innocent and sweetest among 5 variations. The main color is the bottom left baby pink. The middle pink has a little orange undertone. The right bottom shadow color looks more like a reddish brown.

It's so hard to capture the sparkles of those highlight colors.

02 Blue-Green Tones. This is the most fresh color in the collection. It reminds me of clear spring sky and tropical sea water.

03 Silver Tones. It includes copper brown for mid-tone, white silver shimmer for inner corner highlighting and deep navy blue for shadow. It's the most versatile one in the collection.

04 Purple Tones. This one will look good on more mature ladies.  The dusty pink gives the warmth of the eyes while the grayish blue adds contrast and coolness. The bottom right deep violet looks mysterious and elegant.

05 Gold Tones. This is my most favorite one in the collection. It's a very earthy combination, most suitable for day time look. The golden champaign color especially shines in the sunlight.

Overall, this is a very solid eyeshadow collection from Coffret D'or. The color combinations are well designed and the textures are smooth and silky. It sets a good start for the brand.


ning * star said...

u have so many great collection!

Crystal said...

Wow, I am so jealouse. You have so many products from Kanebo! What brand & series do you like the best out of all lunasol and coffert d'or eye palettes?

LS said...

ning*star: Thanks for your compliments. Please check back later. I'm going to post more collections.

Crystal: Yes I'm really a big fan of Kanebo. For Lunasol, I like a lot of their collections such as Sheer Contrast Eyes, Star Shower Eyes and the new season Nature Color Eyes. For Coffret D'or, my most favorite is the Trace Deep Eyes 04 Grey Tones.

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