Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Presents from Santa

This post is a little late so let's get right onto it. Who was the Santa? Take a guess! Haha.

Let me show you the box first. It's from Sephora, my favorite beauty store. I really like the little wrap here. I'm not sure what the silver glitter is, maybe a cream shadow? Since I'm not going to use it, I will just keep the whole thing in the box.

I'm sure you're all wondering what's inside. I'm opening it right now.

The first one or rather two are the Guerlain Meteorites powder and the matching brush.

The color I got is the 01 Mythic. This is my first ever Meteorites powder. See how cute there little balls are! I wanted it at the Guerlain counter when I saw it but got scared away by its price tag. It's a luxury brand. What do you expect?! I guess my husband noticed my action and took it into his heart. So he went to Sephora and got me this on the Christmas Eve. He said he's never seen so many guys in Sephora before. And they're all grabbing everything like there's no tomorrow.

He even grabbed the last matching brush on the shelf.

Inside the box, there's a velvet pouch for easy travel and protection.

The brush is made of pure male Tibetan goat hair. I never knew the male Tibetan goat had pink hair. How romantic! But for all the reason, why male goat hair?!

The brush is soft and in a good size. It should fit in a small makeup bag.

The next item he got me is the YSL 5 colour Harmony for Lips. The reason he got me this is because I don't own any YSL stuff, so it's a good time to try something new. I'm not complaining. I don't find this item on YSL website though. Anyone know what collection is it from?

Since I haven't tried any of them yet, I can't tell you how they are. But so far they look great. Thanks Santa for sending me such wonderful presents.


ning * star said...

that 's a supa big present!

Crystal said...

I love the little balls too! It's a little bit pricy, but sooo cute. Good for your!^0^

coffretgorge said...

that guerlain brush looks so pretty! have u tried it? :)

LS said...

ning*star: Yes, it was =)
Crystal: Thanks!
Coffretgorge: I tried the brushes today. It shed like crazy. I hope it's just for the first time. The bristles are OK soft, not the softest.

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