Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Stuff Show Off Pt 4 Electronics

You probably already know that I'm crazy about Japanese cosmetics, but do you know that I'm also crazy about Japanese electronics, especially beauty and kitchen related. When I had the chance in Japan, I got a bunch of beauty electronics. Now let me show you what I got.

From left to right, Cuala Manicure Set ES 2401PP-D, Pedicure Care Heel Buffer ES 2502PP-G, Facial and Eye Brow Groomer ES2113PP-P, and Heated Eyelash Curler EH-SE50P-P.

I tried everything but the Pedicure Buffer and I love all of them. The Cuala is such a life saver, I don't have to file my nails by hand anymore. It's so much faster too. My old heated lash curler quit working after a year so I do hope this one last longer.

Also got the Portable Neck Massager EW-NA11 and Esthe Roller EH-SP30. The massager is for my husband. As far as I know, he really loves it.

Now I finally know why Japanese women all have smaller face than other Asian women. This beast is truly unbelievable. I did a little experiment by rolling 2 minutes on one side of my face and 1 minute on the other side. By less than a week, the 2-minute side got a lot smaller than the 1 minute side.

It looks like this. There're 3 speed settings and "Normal" works just fine for me. 2 rollers (rubber and stainless steel) vibrating and turning simulates hand massage and penetrates deeply into the skin to slim it down.

EH-SA42 Nanoe Day Moisture. The little ball shape is so cute. Don't you think it looks like a webcam? It can be used anywhere and anytime but I basically use it when I sleep.

Among all the stuff, I highly recommend Manicure Set and Esthe Roller. Though do get everything if you can. They all work great.


Lulu said...

omg that sounds amazing, i want to roll into a smaller face! how does it work?

miss wiggle said...

Good lord! Please review everything you got!! I want a smaller face! xD Why does your hubby need to massage his neck? Is it for neck lines? lol~

coffretgorge said...

yay for japanese stuff! ^5 babe! :) love all the stuff you got! oh dear i also want that face roller thing, im sure its relaxing as well as it is slimming! hahaha

that humidifier is so cute! :)

Blair said...

Gahh, I want that face roller!

Pop Champagne said...

the face roller sounds great, and lol I actually thought that was a webcam until I read your description! very neat

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