Monday, May 10, 2010

Color of the Week - Givenchy Vernis Please! Purple by Night

It's been windy for the past weekend and it even rained a bit at noon time today. This is  not my type of weather. To cheer myself up, I want something rich and intense. So I pick Givenchy Purple by Night.

This was a limited edition nail polish back from Holiday 2008. Got mine at Sephora for 15 bucks, not the cheapest nail polish considering how small it is. I also wanted another one from Givenchy called Dandy Moire but it was out of stock at the time.


I really love Givenchy's logo design. It looks somewhat like an Asian Feng Shui thing.

All 4 sides are like this, no letters written at all.

Under the sunlight, there're a lot of fine blue and silver shimmers.

The color of the polish is written on the bottom of the bottle.

Now moving on some swatch pictures. Natural light, flash and sun.

Let along being an expensive polish (a lot more expensive than Chanel and Dior), Givenchy Purple by Night has a medium to thick consistency. It applies easily on the nail with a flat big brush that barely leaves any streaks. The lacquer is highly pigmented, as I only did one coat. The finish is not as glossy as I wanted but I think a good top coat will easily fix it.


Pop Champagne said...

ohh that is a nice color. And only used 1 coat? that's pretty good quality!

Tiptoe21 said...

Love the color. I've noticed that purple is becoming a trend nowadays in fashion, so this polish would be a perfect match

ning * star said...

nice shade:)

Jian said...

That's so pretty! =) Pigmentation is good too, considering it's one coat!

miss wiggle said...

Hmm yummy plum color. My only gripe I have with dark polishes is that when they chip, it's very noticeable. It's worse for me since I don't use any base or top coats (*lazy*). This is why I just stick to nude-y colors... but they're not as exciting. :P

Lulu said...

pretty and very opague for one coat!

Crystal said...

The purple is sooo pretty. I love the pearl shine it has!

Blair said...

Purple by Night is soooo beautiful! Definitely worth every penny spent =]

coffretgorge said...

this is such a sophisticated purple! wearable for formal/black tie events. you have such a wonderful NL collection! :)

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