Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Color of the Week - Chanel Runway Inspired

It's another gloomy day today, it even rained again during noon time. How come every Monday is like this? Don't get me wrong though. I love rain just not heavy rain, a little bit. Don't you think it's romantic when it rains?

Anyway, today it's all about gold and black.

Le Vernis 463 Rose Satin, 219 Black Satin and Facettes D'or Gold Fiction.

Recently Chanel released 3 limited edition nail colors for Summer 2010, it's called Noir Et Or Paris-Shanghai Collection.

The 3 shades are Black Velvet, Gold Lame and Illusion D'or. I haven't got them yet and I'm not even sure if I will be getting them. But I'm definitely intrigued by the runway nail look. And I'm doing it in my version.

I use Rose Satin as a base. It's such a nice neutral pink color. The color is perfect for a lazy all over everyday nail. It's not very shimmery but still got the right amount of shine. It's very easy to apply, you don't need to worry about streaking or anything.

Then I paint the Gold Fiction on top of the rosy pink starting from the smile line. Back in the days, this color was very hot (Fall 2008) and it's in a special opaque yellow bottle to protect the 24k gold color from light. It's the truest gold color I've seen so far.

For the tip, I use Black Satin. It's not completely matte like the Black Velvet. As name suggested, it's got the glossy satin finish.

The finished nail seen from other people's view.


Musicalhouses said...

Boy, am I lucky I'm not drawn to any of the colours, no way I could spend on Chanel polish! LOL

And I saw your comment to my post on RBL: I've posted an answer on the post page, but I just thought I'd just let you know over here too, since you asked a qn and I didn't want you to not get an answer :)

The short version is: I personally like it, and I see why people like it (it's a nice classic but still edgy colour that suits most skintones, and it applies well, and it's a good 'greige' colour for girls who think the usual mushroomy colours are too muddy or ugly), but whether you think its worth $25 is really debatable...But if you'd like a similar shade, OPI's Tickle My Francey is supposedly pretty close (I actually have both of them and they look quite identical in the bottle, but I seriously need to get around to swatching LOL). Hope this helps!

Blair said...

OMG, how do you make it look so perfect and round?

Gold Fiction is gorgeous!!! Such a pretty gold =D

miss wiggle said...

I've never craved for polishes, but I'm reallllllyyyy loving Gold Fiction. It's like you have nails made of real gold - gorgeous!!

coffretgorge said...

rose satin is beautiful! :)

Tiptoe21 said...

GORGEOUS! how did you make the colors go on so precisely?! I really like how well they go together too.

LS said...

Blair, Tiptoe21
I'd say practice and practice more. I actually drew the smile line in a very thin coat of GF. of course it wasn't perfect then I filled it in with several thin coats and luckily it turned out really well. it was the BS that gave more more trouble

ning * star said...

gold + Black is sooo pretty. The pink shade stand out pretty nice even it stand on alone

Pop Champagne said...

hey gold and black are good together! Very nice combination I must say :D

Crystal said...

Wow, I think your version is really pretty. Although I do like the original one in the picture a lot, I think yours is very nice and cute!^0^

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