Monday, April 5, 2010

a Lot to Catch Up

Over the past week, I took a little vacation with my family away from blogging. It was quite relaxing. I will have a lot to show to you guys. Today here are some teaser photos that I will blog about during this week (may appear in random order). Also I bought some new magazines that I want to share too.


Lulu said...

glad you were able to relax a bit w/ the vacation :)

I got the same eye serum from clinique! how do you like it so far?

Blair said...

Hope you had a relaxing vacation!

Yup, I wanna pinch the ettusais baby's cheeks too! So adorable!!! *squishes*

ning * star said...

can u do a review on that hada labo whitening toner? my toner is running low now... hehe

miss wiggle said...

I always have no trouble taking a break from blogging! xD That Dior blusher looks interesting!

Crystal said...

Glad to have you back. I really want to try the clinique eye serum also. Let me know how it works. Thanks!^0^

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