Wednesday, January 6, 2010

NARS Orgasm Laguna Blush Bronzer Duo and Nail Polish

For a lot of people, NARS is probably like their favorite brand. But for me it's still something new. I only have a couple eye shadow duos and blushes. No one can own all the brands over night, right?

I actually have been eyeballing on NARS for quite a while until I made my first purchase. One day, I saw this limited edition gift set on Sephora website. It has an Orgasm blush, a bronzer powder Laguna and a matching Orgasm nail polish. The whole set's price is even cheaper than the duo. So I think it's a good time to give it a try.

The set comes in a black cardboard box which opens horizontally. There's transparent view on the top flap so you can see clearly the duo and nail polish are housed in the inside foam base.

This shows the back of the set. On the top right corner, it says "MADE IN CHINA" but I assume it refers to the box itself. The nail polish is made in USA like some of Chanel's and the blush bronzer duo is made in Canada. I'm a little surprised that it isn't made in France.

Though I'm not particularly fond of the blush packaging. It's a little bulky and plain. The black rubbery plastic attracts dirt way too easy. It's hard to wipe off either. But I can live with it.

According NARS website, Orgasm is peachy pink with shimmer and Laguna being brown with golden shimmer. Though the shape of the pans look different than the regular blush, bronzer. The weight should be the same. I don't think I can ever finish any of them anyway.

The colors look rather sheer than heavy. They should compliment for most people's skin tone.

This is the nail polish and blush showing side by side. The colors are almost the same. But the polish seems to have a bit more golden sheen than the blush.

Since I haven't tested anything yet, I can't tell the quality and how the colors will show up on my face. I do like them in the packaging though.


Denysia said...

Ohhh! I've never tried Nars, but it looks very nice in the package! Can't wait till you try it and let us know if it's good! :)

Tiptoe21 said...

I currently own just the orgasm blush, and I love it. I hope this haul works well for you! =) let us know how it goes!

Crystal said...

I want to try out NARS too. Thanks for sharing. I might get that too!By the way, thanks for following my site!^0^

LS said...

Denysia: I will definitely report you back after I try it =)

Tiptoe21: I have another NARS blush Deep Throat. It's not bad either.

Crystal: You're welcome! =)

coffretgorge said...

babe! this is a great set! i went to sephora singapore but didnt check out NARS hahaha i didnt want to get tempted by all the brands there so i just got what was on my shoplist and went far far away. LOL. is this a web exclusive? i dont own any NARS products as of now, but i also want to try orgasm and compare it to benefit's coralista :)

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