Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Got Package?

I think this is probably going to be the last package I get before I do more shopping.

Since I liked the Jill Stuart Fruit Lip Balm so much, I decide to get the rest 3 colors or rather flavors that I was missing. They're limited edition from fall 2008 I think. I'm just afraid that one day they'll be gone. I also got Lavshuca Finish Powder Lucent. I don't usually buy Lavshuca stuff so I'm going to give this one a try. The little bow tie on the box looks so cute!

I got a Majolica Majorca single eyeshadow in OR234. This is my first MJ single eyeshadow. Everything looks good except that the color is more like a salmon pink. I was hoping for a true orange color instead.

Now the main reason for this purchase - MAQuillAGE Shiny Jelly Rouge in color 44. I really can't resist this after seeing Juri wearing this on her commercial. I'm not quite sure if she was actually wearing this color but pink is always a safe color.

The color showing on the box looks red but the real lipstick is more pink. I've already tried it on my lips and it's lovely! It feels so soft and creamy just like jelly. It's got more wet feeling than a lipstick but less sticky than a lipgloss. Later on if I like it a lot maybe I'll do a full review. We'll see...

I also got the Brilliant Glitter Nail Color PK203 that came out at the same time. It's a disappointment because I don't find it very unique at all. The color is pink with red particles. I've already got a lot of sheer pink nail colors.

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amynaree said...

great haul! I have yet to try JS lip balms but they sound amazing. The Maquillage lip jellies sound nice too, just the word jelly just sounds yummy! Please do a swatch and review :)

Denysia said...

Awesome Haul! :) Can't wait to see what you think about the Lavshuca Finish Powder!

ning * star said...

nice nail polish
the single MJ shadow, I heart the blue-green shades the most, but I can't find it anywhere. I don't remember the code exactly.

Crystal said...

Oh, the lipstick looks really good! I am out of budget though. I tell myself every time I order something that it's gonna be my last purchase of the year or month. It doesn't happen! Haha! Now I really have to cut down because I really am out of money. But anyway, I will do tutorials and reviews instead since I haven't been doing much anyway.

Blair said...

I saw the commercial and I fell in love with the Shiny Jelly Rouge range! Fab haul dearie :)

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